About this Blog

The primary purpose of this blog is simply for me to gain experience creating and maintaining one.  Blogs have done more to open up the world of journalism and publishing to the masses than any other technology to date.  Being an enterprise developer I’ve never had the opportunity to develop and support a blog implementation so this will hopefully close a gap in my internet ecosystem skill set.  Technologist create the technology infrastructure we all depend on in this age of information.  But because we usually work in the internals of all these interconnected systems it’s sometimes hard for us to step back and appreciate the user experience that we have created.

Blogging has also become extremely important for technologist.  Usually when I run into a technical problem that requires a workaround I can simply google the issue and some technologist somewhere has already run into the exact same problem, figured out a solution, and blogged about it.  This collaborative effort among technologist has probably saved our employers significant amounts of time and money and has also greatly contributed to the improvement in the quality and variety of technology that we all depend on daily.  Of course I have no proof, but I’m comfortable making the assertion that blogging in the technology space has done more for all of us than any other category of the blogosphere.

But I also intend to have fun with it and hopefully, just maybe, I’ll pass something on to someone else that helps them get out of a tight spot, technologist or not.