Born and raised in Texas, I have been a nerd my entire life.

I first learned to program using Logo on the Commodore Pet and by the fifth grade I was programming in basic on the TRS-80.  I was lucky enough to attend a high school that had an excellent computer science department.  Not only did they teach me Structured Programming using Pascal and C, but I also learned low-level programming using Assembly language, Object Oriented Programming utilizing C++, and the basic concepts of recursive programming and tree processing using LISP.

During college I worked minimum-wage jobs and picked up small freelance projects, mostly in Pascal, C and Assembly, to help pay for school.  I couldn’t make enough to attend a university so I took as many classes as I could at the local community college.  I finished my degree in the early part of the dot com boom and already had my entry-level software engineering position before I got my diploma.  After three years of professional programming experience I joined a large consulting firm and have been a consultant ever since.

Over the years I have progressed from entry-level software engineer to running the entire technology department.  I have performed in varied roles beyond engineering including team management, business analyst, and systems and database administrator.  My specialty is turning around IT projects and departments that have failed or are close to failing.