Patch Applied, Restarting

I took an extended break from blogging, and by extended break I mean I was got wrapped up in writing several pages of technical and due diligence documentation and did not have more time to spend at the keyboard.  It was for the company where I had spent the last three years leading the technology department, rebuilding their enterprise system and the department itself from the ground up.  It’s been over a year and a half since I’ve written a post, the buy out was completed a year ago and the contract wrapped up six months ago.  I’ve been happily unemployed since then, although I’ve had to dodge a couple of contracts to maintain that status.  I know a lot of people are still struggling with unemployment or underemployment but that isn’t a problem IT professionals typically experience.  Still, it’s been six months since I’ve had any need to sit at a keyboard on a regular basis and although I’ve been kept busy with other things I felt like it was time to get back to it.

I have been busy these past few months.  As anyone can tell you a buy-out or merger is an extensive process, especially for technology companies, and a significant portion of that burden landed squarely on my shoulders.  I also launched a few other projects and the kids have grown up quite a bit over the past 18 months so I’ve got quite a bit of material to work with and I’ll be getting it out soon enough.