Robby got a Lizard

Robby with lizard
Robby got a lizard, MUCH better than a fish!

Yesterday we went and got Robby’s lizard.  The first attempt was to get him fish, but they died fairly quickly and he turned out to be not that interested in them.  He likes the lizard MUCH better because he can hold it.

It’s an Eyelash Crested Gecko and it’s very comfortable and mild mannered being held although with all three kids in the room plus me policing everything he still looked like got stressed rather quickly.  How can you tell a gecko is stressed?  He’s starts breathing quickly.  His name is Indiana Jones, that’s what they named him at Pet Smart and Robby kept the name.  They called him that because he’s a jumper and he DEFINATELY jumps.  He seems to like to jump and climb to the tallest point he can find, which is usually me, so the kids think he likes me best.  I think he’s just probably stressed and since he’s a rain forest creature climbing to get away is instinct. I must admit I’m glad the fish didn’t work out and guided him towards the lizard after the attempt with the fish failed.

When my wife first told me he asked for fish for his birthday my first response was, “Did you talk him out of it?”  I’ve never found fish easy or fun to take care of.  My wife thought I liked fish because when we first started dating I had a fairly sizable Oscar that I’d had for years.  What she didn’t know is that I originally tried to have other fish and I just could not keep them alive.  The Oscar was my final attempt because they are fairly hardy fish.  I did grow attached to him, but I also discovered fish tanks are high maintenance and not really any fun.  If he wants to try having fish again, he’ll have to wait until he’s old enough to take care of them himself.  Hopefully he’ll have better luck, or rather skill, than I did.