Modern Dad S1:E3

This episode was the best yet so either the show is steadily improving or the dads are simply growing on me.  They seem to be sticking with the major/minor plot line structure common to most TV shows.  I wonder if that’s a writer’s crutch or something the producers demand.  I know the show isn’t “written” per se but whatever else is going on with the Dads seems to be winnowed to the major/minor plot line structure.  This is understandable, reality TV still being TV.

One of the good things about this show is that the underlying setups are based on real-life issues and being married with kids contributing to weight gain is a real-life issue.  I was never an athlete like Rick but my metabolism was high enough that I could eat whatever I wanted to and not gain weight.  That started to go away as I got older but I was able to work out, eat better and live a more active life to make up for it.  But being home with the kids you are tempted to finish their plates and there are plenty of opportunities for grazing.  That’s not a bad thing if your kids are healthy eaters but with us, like most American families, healthy eating is hit or miss.  While I was working I was able to better control what I ate by bringing my lunch and grazing wasn’t an issue.   Now that I’m home and I have the kids left-overs and a stocked pantry and refrigerator it’s much harder to eat right.

It was good to see the SAHDs included with the SAHMs in their run in the initial scene.  Peer pressure is a good motivator for regular exercising.  I would love to go to the gym and work out with friends but my preference is to lift weights and that’s not something most SAHMs are into.  There is a lot of running but my legs and especially my ankles are not built for that.  There is some biking, and the SAHD up the street is into it as well so I think I’m going to go that route.  I need to get a bike anyway so I can start going for rides with the kids.  The scene where Nate was trying to derail Rick’s diet to win the bet might seem uncouth to women but that’s just the way guys do things.  And it bears pointing out that Rick was able to resist the burger because it was an outright challenge but when the wife came home with pizza his resolve crumbled.  Rick’s wife loves him at any size and Rick knows that so there was no penalty for losing his resolve.  But Rick wants to be healthier and that’s where her support should have been.  The kids could have skipped pizza night for once.

The other plot line had to do with how much harder having a sex life after kids can be, especially when they’re old enough to know what you’re doing when you’re doing it.  The scene in the kitchen was particularly funny and I’d experienced something similar.  One day during my first stint as a SAHD my wife came home from work while I was cleaning out the refrigerator.  She commented that seeing me doing that was a huge turn on for her and proceeded to grope me.  Not being the hunky type being objectified was new to me and while it was kind of nice it was also irritating and I certainly wasn’t in the mood because I’d been cleaning out the refrigerator all afternoon.

As a guy who is quite handy around the house and has worked in remodeling construction all I could think about during the soundproofing bit was the right way to do it.  I realized the walls themselves would have to be rebuilt and it would be an expensive and time consuming project.  Sean and Nate obviously had no idea what they were doing and admitted as much and it was nice to see the men-as-contractors stereotype struck down again.  It was even better when Sean, the guy who seems to be portrayed as the least intelligent of the group, had the bright idea to get the “Shagging Wagon”.  It’s obviously not a real solution for most people, how many of us have the cash to plunk down on an RV or live in a city that will let you park it in the front yard?  But it was inventive and it was nice to see Sean score a win in the bright ideas category so he could score with the wife.

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