Hello (Frameworked) World!

If you’re a tech I bet you thought this was the default install post.  :)

I think I figured out the basic WordPress setup and I am comfortable and impressed enough with it to just use it as the base framework for the entire site.  In the past I preferred to completely code everything by hand.  However the current evolution of software is to utilize frameworks for enterprise development in general.  More on that technology trend later.  Also I really don’t have time to hand code anything except the custom code that comes with a paycheck.  I’m going to give WordPress a chance at being the base framework for the site.  It will still reside in a subdirectory because it won’t be the only framework I’ll end up using so I’ve setup a redirect from the root.

I realize most everything is still set to default, I’ll work on additional customizations over time.  I did install a theme, deciding on the “Responsive” theme since it works well across multiple device platforms.  It also popped up as the first google suggestion when I typed in “free wordpress theme” in the search box so it’s probably one of the more capable themes.  But that google suggestion is all the research I’ve done on WordPress themes since no one is paying me for these efforts.  I’m sure I’ll comment further on the WordPress framework in the future, particularly when it’s giving me a headache.

I realize WordPress is more than just a framework, but for a coder everything is a framework if you have the source code.  I chose WordPress for the maturity of the framework and the significant plug-in library and integration with other frameworks and systems.  I thought about using Drupal because one of my clients is using it and I need to become more proficient with it anyway but after researching it for the client it seemed like overkill for my needs.