You Should Buy a Toaster

I tried the blogging thing before but only got a couple of post into it before I lost interest, probably because it coincided with the rise of Facebook!  Since this is my second stint as a part-time SAHD and IT consultant I think I’ve got a bit better idea of what to expect and this endeavor does appear to have value afterall.  Especially when I try to remember all the insightful things I should have been blogging about this whole time and my memory gets harder to access with age.  Also my kids are older and not as high maintenance (No more diapers!  And they feed themselves!). This stint as a SAHD should last significantly longer than my previous stint so there is probably more value to trying again and sticking to it.  It also helps that I’ve progressed further in my career and I’m more confident in my consulting skills as opposed to feeling the need to be someone’s employee.  And of course the kids are more interesting now since they do more than just sleep, eat and poop so they should be more interesting to write about.

For those of you that are new to the blog, such as myself, and haven’t read the “about this blog” section that I have yet to write: I am a technologist and my wife is in marketing and we have a system that we take turns focusing on being the primary care-givers of our children and focusing on our careers so we can both “have it all”.  Or at least stay current with our professional skill sets so we both don’t become unemployable.  That’s the plan anyway, obviously it’s a work in progress.  I’m sure there will be more on that and other interesting to me topics later.  I’ll try to make them interesting for you but no gaurantees.  If you want a gaurantee, buy a toaster.