Modern Dad S1:E2

This episode was much better and was only marred by the role and story line that Stone seems to be stuck with.  I’m actually starting to feel sorry for the guy.  The baby wrestling scene in the beginning was absolutely hilarious and is completely in line with the kind of thing SAHDs would do and love.  A quick search of you tube confirmed it’s general popularity.

Watching Nate and Sean go through the bay proofing brought back memories of Laura and I going through the same process: installing it then being locked out until we figure out how it worked.  I even did the same thing with a motorcycle helmet that Rick did with the face protector but Laura wouldn’t go for it.  Laura did most of the baby proofing except when it required power tools, which seemed like most of the time.  The toilet lock was the most annoying, especially when you needed to go really badly. The fridge lock was the most useful once G figured out where we kept the cheese.  And we still use the outlet covers to this day.  Our youngest was still a toddler when we moved to our current home but like most veteran parents we were a little less obsessive about the baby proofing.  We padded the edge of the brick fireplace which has more than once saved my own shins.  But the cabinets and refrigerators open with ease and it took me a while to get out of the habit of sticking my fingers through the top of the cabinet to release the child lock.

The guy gossip at the park was great and I don’t think it’s something that would have happened at a bar where other guys might overhear you.  I hope they do more of that.  It shows that it’s not restricted to females but happens in any social group and if guys are put into a domestic environment on a daily basis we will talk about the same things women do.  The at first awkward conversation regarding the “secret” errand for the bay proofing book and materials was a nice touch and it was funny to see the two relative novices embarrassed to admit to the veteran that they didn’t share his lackadaisical attitude towards child safety.  Again, I could easily picture a group of women having the same conversation.  I especially liked the “Shhh!  Here he comes!” and the “Wait till his daughter brings someone home just like him!” parts but that’s probably because I’m judging the whole story line and not just Stone.

The role Stone plays probably sounded good to him and the writers and producers on paper but it’s coming across as contrived and cringe worthy.  His pickups still seem staged.  I noticed that we never got a look at Mrs. Married’s face and the woman walking the dog that he met after walking out on his lunch date seemed a little too opportune and quick with her responses.  The guy is divorced and a single dad and a much better story line for him would show how him and his ex work out their co-parenting relationship.  There was also a scene that showed Stone has a mom friend, something that would be much more interesting to develop as a platonic friendship centered around the children as playmates.  But her scene was brief and they focused on the part of the conversation where he is essentially asking her permission and she knows it and doesn’t really give him a pass.  The way Stone interprets her response, that not saying no means yes, was particularly cringe worthy as was his standing up his lunch date.  A gentleman would have walked up and asked about the ring on her finger and if she was married convey that it’s not his style and bid her adieu.  Instead he just turns around, walks out and immediately starts the game all over again with someone else.

One final note: In the premier post I noted that they seemed an unlikely group of guys to be friends but Sean stated he knew Nate in college.  I came to realize that friendships are foisted upon you because your kids are friends and circumstances force you to see each other quite often.  The casual friendship the father of my daughter’s BFF and I have worked out that way.  We worked together before we had kids and there were plenty of opportunities to become friends but we never really hit it off.  Now we see each other regularly and have even made jokes about never expecting to see each other again after we stopped working together.  I still can’t help but feel that Stone is an appendage to the group to meet a production requirement but if they ditch his man slut story line and make him a real person there’s a good chance his inclusion in the group will start to feel real as well.

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