Candy Insanity

Candy Crush is insane.  One of my goals when I started this blog was to stick with it and have a measure of productivity.  That measure of productivity was a post at least every other day, every day if possible.  There are plenty of things to write about: the pace of technological advance is insane, our justice system is insane, our economy is insane, events in the middle east are insane, our political system is insane, my kids are driving me insane, and I’m certain they’re all related in some insane way.

But recently the pop up ads on my phone for the Candy Crush app have been driving me insane.  I would be serenely paging through some of my ad supported apps that I am too cheap to pay for, essentially all of them, and an ad would force open Google Play and prompt me to download Candy Crush.  I finally relented and downloaded it, deciding it would use less of my time to get it over with.  I just needed to download it, I wasn’t going to actually play it, right?  I know, it sounds insane coming from a gamer.  I was hoping if I installed it the ads would quit bothering me.  Which worked because I haven’t been back to those other apps since I started playing it.

I had been avoiding the game because I had heard from multiple people that it was addicting.  Even worse than Angry Birds which I’m proud to say I resisted until it wasn’t popular anymore, just like I did with Grunge music.  That’s where my blogging time has gone the last few days.   I did manage to leave my phone in the car for the weekend because we were spending time with both sides of the family and I’m trying real hard to not be anti-social and glued to technology.

The game is simple and well designed.  If you run out of lives the game makes you wait to accumulate more if you’re too cheap to pay for it.  I obviously ran out of lives and that’s why you’re reading this.  I can faithfully report that it’s probably as addictive as crack.  I tried to verify that with our local crack addict but I couldn’t find one since that crack epidemic we were all warned about back in the 80’s never did materialize.  I played Bejeweled, briefly, when it was all the rage.  Candy Crush is basically Bejeweled with objectives.  It’s like picking up a game of Tetris after someone screwed up half the board.  It’s perfect for the touch screen on a smart phone and unlike other avian adventures I could mention everything fits on the screen so you have total situational awareness at all times.

As a gamer I’m liking this new era of gaming.  I’ve got my hardcore standbys like Star Craft, Gran Turismo, Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed.  But there are plenty of simple and quick diversions like Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Words With Friends and games easy enough for my wife and kids to play by themselves like Hamster Ball, Little Big Planet, Lego [insert product\movie franchise here] or Disney Universe\Infinity\Theme Park as Video Game.  Then there are the inventive indie games like Minecraft, From Dust, and Flower.  It’s like being a kid in a candy store, except with games instead of candy and carpal tunnel instead of tooth decay.

And the best part is now that everyone is a gamer, even my mother, I finally get to be hardcore at something.  Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some lives to burn before I go to bed.

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One comment on “Candy Insanity
  1. Frances says:

    When I got my new phone, I wasn’t out of the store for five minutes before Candy Crush was installed. I am QUITE delighted with my 80’s decision not to do crack, because as addicted to this game as I am, I am almost positive I would have led a different life, had I tried it….:)