My First Playdate

Today I had my first play-date!  Even though this is my second tour as a SAHD my kids were too young for play-dates the first time around.  I’ve been here when my oldest has had play-dates but the wife was here and handled it.  I’ve watched my oldest G and her BFF A many times but A’s parents are family friends.  With them it’s not about leaving their kid with a SAHD who might be weird, but a SAHD they know is weird but harmless.  This would be my first time a relative stranger entrusted her child to me since I had to substitute babysit for my little sister because she blew it off to go partying.

My son, R, had his friend L coming over and since most of our friend’s kids his age are girls this play-date came with added importance.  I staged the drop off perfectly.  I took my kids outside with their bikes to show I was just a normal dad but was also teaching my youngest to pedal on her tricycle to show I was an involved dad, we had started working on it yesterday.  It would also be more convenient for  the both of us because she wouldn’t have to get out of the car and I didn’t have to pick up the house this morning.  As soon as she left, show over, I ran in the house to grab the iPad and planted myself on the bench outside.

When the kids were done and we all went inside, R and L immediately started playing with the dollhouse.  L was the parents and my son R played the kid.  L told R the kid had to stay home while the parents went out.  R wanted the kid to go too, but L said the kid couldn’t go because there would be kissing.  Then he took the parents into the adjoining room.  There wasn’t any mention of a sitter.  L didn’t have them take the car either, they flew with the superhero swooshing sound effect.  I was starting to wonder about L’s parent’s parenting techniques but then it occurred to me that with their super vision and hearing they should have no problems keeping an eye on their kid wherever they are.  I certainly wouldn’t say anything since I’m supposed to just silently judge anyway.  I wondered about the kissing part but I guess if you’re rushing out the door to battle villainy the “don’t come in, we’re folding socks” line won’t work.

"Sweetie, Mommy and Daddy have to run out will quick and there's no time for a sitter!  We'll be back soon and remember we can see and hear everything you do!"
"Wait! I want to go too!"
"You can't! There will be... uh... "
"Hurry up honey, we gotta go! The bomb will go off any second and the bank manager is still trapped in the vault! J
ust say something he doesn't like!"
"... there will be kissing! Mommy and Daddy will be back soon!"

The rest of the play-date went fine.  Lunch was easy, he eats the same stuff my kids do and it heats up quickly in the toaster oven.  My biggest issue was my oldest, G, trying to muscle in on R and L’s time together.  I had to plant her next to me on the couch at one point and gave her several stern looks and reminders about how she doesn’t like it when R tries to insert himself into her play-dates.  Eventually G made a deal with R that when her BFF A comes over they’ll all play together for awhile.  I don’t know if I should be proud or disturbed that my children are using time with their friends as currency, especially since they are opposite sex.

TeenBeachDancingThe best part came toward the end.  They all wanted to watch Teen Beach Movie and I got some good video of them dancing along in front of the TV.  You’ll have to know me on Facebook to see the video but here’s a quick picture of them studying the moves.  It’s moments like these that make me really appreciate the opportunity to stay home with the kids.  I wouldn’t give it up for anything.  And it’s nice to know that we have superheroes for neighbors.  I hope things turned out as well for that bank manager as they have for me.