You Should Get Your Phil

Not too long ago Slate, my go to website for quality journalism, added a new blog called Bad Astronomy by .  I have to say it’s one of my favorite blogs.  His latest post is a prime example of the spectacular finds that he brings to Slate readers.  I’ve embeded the video below so I will sum up but you really should follow the link and read all of Phil’s post.  What you’re seeing is a simple time lapse video of a year of photographs of the sky taken every ten seconds, but with a twist.  The video is composed of 360 individual daily videos synchronized to show the same time of day and displayed in a grid. Watch it full screen in HD, you’ll have to click on the gear icon at the bottom to change the resolution.  Then you can see the detail in the clouds and the rain drops on the lens.  In the fourth cell from the left on the top row at about the 2:45 mark, 1:34pm video time, you can even catch a quick glimpse of people in the frame.