Phone Games

This afternoon I dropped my phone and the screen cracked.  I’ve had this phone over three years, an HTC Incredible, and liked it a lot so even though I was due for an upgrade I was reluctant to let it go.  However the screen cracked in such a way that I can’t get past the security swipe to even access it.  As a consultant and stay-at-home dad I am REALLY dependent on my phone to stay in contact with clients, the wife and other stay-at-home parents, especially since my daughter is in theatre camp this week.  I needed to address this as soon as possible.

I went to the Verizon store to get my free (with a $30 fee) upgrade and went through the whole process with the salesman for the new Incredible when he informed me they were sold out and sent me to another store 10 miles up the road.  At this store I had to again wait my turn for the salesperson and went through the entire process again.  This time he tells me that I’ll lose my unlimited plan in the process.  Then the salesman tells me I have insurance on the phone I dropped and I only need to pay the $50 deductible and it won’t change my plan.  They’ll also probably send me the new Incredible since they don’t make my phone anymore.

I come home and go through the claims process and of course they don’t have the new Incredible so their sending me an Incredible 2, not the new Incredible that just came out.  Oh and my deductible is $100 because it’s an advanced device.