Month: August 2013

Modern Dad S1:E2

This episode was much better and was only marred by the role and story line that Stone seems to be stuck with.  I’m actually starting to feel sorry for the guy.  The baby wrestling scene in the beginning was absolutely

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Armed and Dangerous

Because of the school shootings there has been an idea promoted by the NRA of having teachers or school administrators carry firearms. This is why its a dumb idea. The senator was participating in an exercise with rubber bullets and

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Microsoft’s Enterprise Advantage

A lot has already been written about the coming retirement of Steve Ballmer as CEO of Microsoft. The reporting has mostly attributed the decline of Microsoft to be all Ballmer’s fault, except when it’s everyone’s fault, and how far Microsoft

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Candy Insanity

Candy Crush is insane.  One of my goals when I started this blog was to stick with it and have a measure of productivity.  That measure of productivity was a post at least every other day, every day if possible. 

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Meet the Father

This morning was meet the teacher and my son, my second child, is starting Kindergarten.  We’ve been down this road as a family before but I was barely tuned in the first time two years ago when my daughter started

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No Comment?

When I first installed Word Press one of the first things I did was turn off commenting. I have run website that allowed commenting before and the spam and offensive bile that would inevitably at some point appear and require

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Day Care Decisions

Yet another article on Slate today that I wanted to share. It’s about the latest science on kids and day care and after reading it I felt it necessary to brag about our decisions regarding childcare.  When we had our

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Political Games

Another thing I love about Slate (there are so many!) are their interactive tools they build to illustrate a point.  The latest is a gerrymandering game that partially explains why congress is so broken, Republican’s still rule the house despite

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Girly Men

Today’s sensational breaking news: It’s a girl!  Bradley Manning has announced that she’s transgender and wants to be referred to as Chelsea.  I’ve run into transgender people here and there, first at college and later when I’m at some party

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Modern Dad Premier

There is a new reality show that premiered tonight that I’m sure is lighting up SAHD blogs all over the Interwebs.  I dislike reality shows, because I think they’re both fake and boring.  I wanted to check out the show

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