Month: July 2013

Innovation vs. Execution

Slate has an article in the sports section that essentially states you are better off focusing on not making mistakes as opposed to trying to outsmart the competition.  This obviously will only get you so far in competitive sports, you

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Robby got a Lizard

Yesterday we went and got Robby’s lizard.  The first attempt was to get him fish, but they died fairly quickly and he turned out to be not that interested in them.  He likes the lizard MUCH better because he can

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Hello (Frameworked) World!

If you’re a tech I bet you thought this was the default install post.  :) I think I figured out the basic WordPress setup and I am comfortable and impressed enough with it to just use it as the base

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You Should Buy a Toaster

I tried the blogging thing before but only got a couple of post into it before I lost interest, probably because it coincided with the rise of Facebook!  Since this is my second stint as a part-time SAHD and IT

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Hot Swedish Men in Skirts

Back in June some Swedish train drivers took exception to the restrictions in the dress code for men.  Apparently Sweden was going through quite a hot spell but the dress code was restricted to trousers and skirts, no shorts allowed. 

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