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Meet the Father

This morning was meet the teacher and my son, my second child, is starting Kindergarten.  We’ve been down this road as a family before but I was barely tuned in the first time two years ago when my daughter started

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Day Care Decisions

Yet another article on Slate today that I wanted to share. It’s about the latest science on kids and day care and after reading it I felt it necessary to brag about our decisions regarding childcare.  When we had our

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Modern Dad Premier

There is a new reality show that premiered tonight that I’m sure is lighting up SAHD blogs all over the Interwebs.  I dislike reality shows, because I think they’re both fake and boring.  I wanted to check out the show

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Girls’ Night Out

I inadvertently invited myself to a girls’ night out last night by taking the initiative to having a night out with my wife.  My wife and I have pretty much made the transition from swapping roles but there were a

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My First Playdate

Today I had my first play-date!  Even though this is my second tour as a SAHD my kids were too young for play-dates the first time around.  I’ve been here when my oldest has had play-dates but the wife was

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“Branding is hard”, said Ken

Remember the “Math is hard!” Barbie?  We’ve come a long way since then.  There’s even a Computer Engineer Barbie now.  Girls have been encouraged to pursue male dominated professions and activities and the overall efforts and results are still being

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G & I & I, Robot & the Critics

The 2004 Alex Proyas movie I, Robot starring Will Smith has been playing on HBO recently and I liked the movie so I would tune into various parts of it when flipping channels.  At one point near the end my oldest, G, happened to walk

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Zero to YOLO and Back

I just found out yesterday from my fellow NASCAR and Jeff Gordan fan at work yesterday that Tony Stewart broke his leg in a sprint car race on Monday.  He will definately be out for a while and will probably

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Dad, with the Kids, in the Library

I needed some books for a personal project I am starting and they were not available on the Kindle, probably because they were published in the ’80s and are not yet in the public domain.  I thought about going to

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Tipsy Tuesday

Today was my first Tipsy Tuesday.  Tipsy Tuesday is when the stay-at-home-parents in our little group meet at the house of one of the moms who have a pool in the afternoon with kids in tow for swimming, snacks and

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