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Troll Telegraph, inc.

Recently Leslie Jones hit the trolls that had been harassing her with a spot-on takedown that can be essentially translated into the standard “stick and stones” cliche. Good for her, they certainly deserved it. But the ammunition against her trolls

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As a business consultant I am often charged with making my client’s company more “innovative”. Every CEO wants to be the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Jeff Bezos, for obvious reasons. You’ll get no argument out of me that

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Information on Ethics

A recent article in the Pacific Standard magazine makes the case that software engineers need a dose of ethics when it comes to designing their applications. Its easy to insist that everyone perform ethically in their endeavors but the reality

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Capital-less Capitalism

Capital – noun – wealth in the form of money or other assets owned by a person or organization or available or contributed for a particular purpose such as starting a company or investing. As a business and IT consultant

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Help Desperately Wanted

One of the reasons I love Slate is they have a lot of diversity in their contributors and a lot of them are not journalist by trade.  Recently an article went up written by a software engineer. It’s a well

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“Branding is hard”, said Ken

Remember the “Math is hard!” Barbie?  We’ve come a long way since then.  There’s even a Computer Engineer Barbie now.  Girls have been encouraged to pursue male dominated professions and activities and the overall efforts and results are still being

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Innovation vs. Execution

Slate has an article in the sports section that essentially states you are better off focusing on not making mistakes as opposed to trying to outsmart the competition.  This obviously will only get you so far in competitive sports, you

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