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Mommy’s Little Snowflake Blog

The primary reason I started this blog was to get familiar with WordPress deployment and administration and to practice my writing. I found I enjoyed blogging, at least during the times I didn’t have technical documentation to write, so I’ve

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Mr. Sulu, Set a New Course

Like any nerd I LOVE Star Trek.  And like any progressive liberal I’m glad the LGBTQ community is being represented more and more on in our mainstream arts.  So I was really glad to hear that in the latest Star

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Modern Dad S1:E4

Another great episode, they keep getting better at this.  The primary plot lines were poker night and Rick needing to catch up on his housework because the in-laws were coming in to town before he could go to the poker

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Modern Dad S1:E3

This episode was the best yet so either the show is steadily improving or the dads are simply growing on me.  They seem to be sticking with the major/minor plot line structure common to most TV shows.  I wonder if

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Modern Dad S1:E2

This episode was much better and was only marred by the role and story line that Stone seems to be stuck with.  I’m actually starting to feel sorry for the guy.  The baby wrestling scene in the beginning was absolutely

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Candy Insanity

Candy Crush is insane.  One of my goals when I started this blog was to stick with it and have a measure of productivity.  That measure of productivity was a post at least every other day, every day if possible. 

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Modern Dad Premier

There is a new reality show that premiered tonight that I’m sure is lighting up SAHD blogs all over the Interwebs.  I dislike reality shows, because I think they’re both fake and boring.  I wanted to check out the show

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G & I & I, Robot & the Critics

The 2004 Alex Proyas movie I, Robot starring Will Smith has been playing on HBO recently and I liked the movie so I would tune into various parts of it when flipping channels.  At one point near the end my oldest, G, happened to walk

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You Should Get Your Phil

Not too long ago Slate, my go to website for quality journalism, added a new blog called Bad Astronomy by Phil Plait.  I have to say it’s one of my favorite blogs.  His latest post is a prime example of

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