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My Place in the Center

I live in a supposedly deep red state that is actually more purple if you bother to look. I’ve become accustomed to being accused of being a left-wing liberal by the much too vocal extreme right-wingers that you can’t help

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Information on Ethics

A recent article in the Pacific Standard magazine makes the case that software engineers need a dose of ethics when it comes to designing their applications. Its easy to insist that everyone perform ethically in their endeavors but the reality

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Armed and Dangerous

Because of the school shootings there has been an idea promoted by the NRA of having teachers or school administrators carry firearms. This is why its a dumb idea. The senator was participating in an exercise with rubber bullets and

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Political Games

Another thing I love about Slate (there are so many!) are their interactive tools they build to illustrate a point.  The latest is a gerrymandering game that partially explains why congress is so broken, Republican’s still rule the house despite

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Possibilities Don’t Have to Perish

With the latest turmoil in Egypt I have been intending to write something on the subject for quite a while.  But after reading this article on Slate I realized that almost anything I could add to the debate would only

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Where’s the Birth Certificate?

CNN has an article out about Ted Cruz being born in Canada and his eligibility to be President.  The issue is the legal definition of “natural born citizen” and the Congressional Research Service pretty much states he should be eligible

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Evangelical Leaders vs. The Tea Party?

Just read a recent article on faith groups’ stance on immigration reform.  I’d assumed they were against immigration reform because I always equated evangelicals with right-wing conservatism.  I did not give them enough credit.  I believe that generally treating immigrants

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Hot Swedish Men in Skirts

Back in June some Swedish train drivers took exception to the restrictions in the dress code for men.  Apparently Sweden was going through quite a hot spell but the dress code was restricted to trousers and skirts, no shorts allowed. 

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