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Mommy’s Little Snowflake Blog

The primary reason I started this blog was to get familiar with WordPress deployment and administration and to practice my writing. I found I enjoyed blogging, at least during the times I didn’t have technical documentation to write, so I’ve

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Better to Ask Me Who I Was

If you follow my blog you may be aware that I recently embarked on a new adventure called musical theater.  Like most of my adventures that I stumble into it began when my children asked me, “Can we Daddy?  Please!”

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Troll Telegraph, inc.

Recently Leslie Jones hit the trolls that had been harassing her with a spot-on takedown that can be essentially translated into the standard “stick and stones” cliche. Good for her, they certainly deserved it. But the ammunition against her trolls

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Mr. Sulu, Set a New Course

Like any nerd I LOVE Star Trek.  And like any progressive liberal I’m glad the LGBTQ community is being represented more and more on in our mainstream arts.  So I was really glad to hear that in the latest Star

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A New Adventure

Being a SAHD is always an adventure.  My oldest two children are involved in the local children’s theater which requires a certain level of parent volunteer assistance to pull off the productions.  Typically this volunteering is split along gender lines

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Man, This is Heavy

Scientist have announced the detection of gravity waves.  I’d like to go on and on about how incredibly cool this is and the extensive impact this will have on astronomy but it would pale in comparison to this post so

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Patch Applied, Restarting

I took an extended break from blogging, and by extended break I mean I was got wrapped up in writing several pages of technical and due diligence documentation and did not have more time to spend at the keyboard.  It

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Parental Range Checking

I’m a little late speaking up about this, mostly because it’s summer time and between work and the kids there hasn’t been much time for writing. But also because this is one of those topics that make me pause before

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Run-time Error: Children out of Range

Recently a single mother was arrested and her nine year old child placed into foster care because she let her play at the playground while she was working at a nearby McDonald’s. As usual my stand-by for analysis and commentary,

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My Place in the Center

I live in a supposedly deep red state that is actually more purple if you bother to look. I’ve become accustomed to being accused of being a left-wing liberal by the much too vocal extreme right-wingers that you can’t help

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